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Custom Sponsorship 

Price Varies

  • We realize our packages might seem steep and that you might want to customize a package that works for you. We want to work with you even if the packages aren’t an option for you! Some of the custom options will vary in cost, but can include any number of the following (or a combination):

  • A sponsorship package that will cover a group of people to come. This can include a group of students, an ERG at a company, or a group of young professionals who may not have the support of their company to attend.

  • Individual items not listed on any of the sponsorship packages above, like the lanyards, oh-so-popular SER cookies, and the journals.

  • One-off PowerLunch interviews about a topic in any of the three categories: Support, Educate, or Recharge.

  • Our ambassador program, which will pay for finserv influencers to attend the event. Promotional materials for social will include the logos of your company, our influencer’s company, and our logo. The ambassador program is a unique opportunity for your company to connect with influencers and bring visibility of your company and our event to the influencers’ audiences.

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