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latin@ - advisor - summit

By Latin@s, for Latin@s in financial services

Video shot and produced by Idea Decanter

support - educate - recharge

Whether you're new or returning, this event is your chance to connect, learn, and thrive with fellow Latin@ professionals. Discover a space for meaningful connections, knowledge growth, and renewed passion, all aimed at uplifting our community and shaping an inclusive industry future.

About SER

SER Summits presents the annual SER Latin@ Advisor Summit, an event created by Latin@s for Latin@s!

This event brings together qualified individuals to share innovative ideas and add value to each other.  We will find support in each other as we each come across obstacles in our personal career journey. Whether you are deciding to take a promotion or launch your own business, having someone to share insights that can help you make our next decision is critical. Much like it takes a village to raise kids, it takes a community to build each other up for greatness. Our core values include the commitment we have to share our knowledge and experience with our community.  

The organizers of SER Summits saw a gap in our industry: there wasn't an event that felt like it was just for us. There was no place where we could be. So we created one. 

Our inaugural one-day event took place as a pre-conference to the Financial Planning Association’s Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ on Sept. 26, 2023 and sought to fill that gap. The inaugural event was better than we dreamed it would be and were grateful for the attendees, sponsors and our team that made it all possible. 

In 2024, we will come together in San Diego, California for a dinner the night before, followed by a one-day event that seeks to build on the magic of our inaugural year and  Support, Educate and Recharge Latino professionals. See you in San Diego! 


- Can't wait to see you! -


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